Covid19 is not stellar

What a week. What a year. What.... just what...

Our team has moved in to 'lockdown' mode with the rest of New Zealand, in the hopes that the Covid19 virus won't affect our beautiful communities like it has elsewhere.  We're taking the lockdown seriously here.  Our team implemented distancing and hygiene practices and bossman Graeme handed out anti germ disguised as care packs last week, and we had discussed our virtual working plan before it was announced on Monday. We staggered our departures during this week, and will have 'skeleton staff' in for dispatch and security over the next four weeks.

We'll all work remotely until the Covid19 alert level is lowered, in whatever capacity you need us to. 

Fairy lights and twinkles are so well known to cause peaceful smiles. They bring a special ambience to the room and occasion, and as Katie always says 'no one frowns at fairy lights'. What a wonderful job we have, to bring that kind of light, with you, in to the homes and lives of the people. We value any chance to keep doing so, and of course we're as anxious and excited as everyone else about the burdens and opportunities this season brings us.

How does this affect you? We're taking your calls (we'd quite like them actually haha), and when we are allowed to, we will have safe dispatch systems back up and running. Like all the business owners we're talking to, we're also planning for a splendid summer season ahead. So we'll keep it easy - you can phone and chat to us or order online for 'delivery on opening' or the usual festive deliveries starting in October. 

Shekinah will send out a reminder of your online access to the wholesale section of our website, to those of you who have accounts that haven't been used in a wee while. Get in touch if you aren't sure of yours. 

Spring and Summer backorders are all on hold for now. We are not cancelling orders, but we're part of the same cycle you are so we understand that we're all planning for better times, while keeping all the options open. We will confirm all the details with you when we're all back in our stores and at our desks. 

Now is a pretty good time to be asking the questions, bringing us product design ideas, talking to us about your plans, hopes and even uncertainty. Cos we are literally all in this together! 

Āta haere, our dear twinkle friends. Go safely. We hope you keep warm, well, and entertained over the next few weeks... and we're praying for a wonderful, prosperous summer season with you this year. 

The Glorious Stellar Haus Twinkle Team xx