Product Updates

Stellar Product Updates

We share all the planned and unexpected product & packaging features here, so you can let your customers know too.


Products withdrawn for 2019 Summer
We are unable to supply the items below. Listed in order of product code:

SLL204 USB Moon Lamp.  We have some different style Moon Lamps that we are offering at discounted rates. 
SEED464 Clear Small (10cm) Sphere Hanging Glass Light. See Gold Bead and Silver Sphere
SEED465 Clear Medium (15cm) Sphere Hanging Glass Light. See Gold Bead and Silver Sphere
SEED468 Clear Pearl Heart 15cm Hanging Glass Light. See White Halo Heart

Standing Trees (Sold Out)
Standing LED Tress for 2019 include the Angel Trees in White and Champagne, Birch and Gold Leaf

Tree Deliveries
NZ North Island deliveries were made in the week of the 7th October 2019
NZ South Island deliveries were made in the week of the 14th October 2019
AU shipment in was delayed by a wayward boat, and ETD to stores in now the end of October 2019

A second shipment is due to us in November. Most of this has also been presold. 

Mini Message Sparkle Jars 
The quantity in each set has been reduced from 4 to 3 - blue, purple and white. 
Order of 12 will be 4 sets of 3, instead of 3 sets of 4.

New Fairy Lights Delayed
Wire Orb Fairy Lights, battery and plug in, have been delayed to late October. 
ETD in to stores is now early November. 

NEW Festive, Flat Hanging Glass Delayed
For different reasons to the Fairy Lights, these are also arriving in November:
This applies to:
NOEL620/B Medium (10cm) Flat Round Frosted Glass Decoration with Bird Printed Scenes
NOEL620/V Medium (10cm) Flat Round Frosted Glass Decoration with Village Printed Scenes
NOEL801/10 Small (10cm) Frosted Twinkle Sphere with Gold Stars
NOEL801/12 Medium (12cm) Frosted Twinkle Sphere with Gold Stars
NOEL801/15 Large (15cm) Frosted Twinkle Sphere with Gold Stars

Plug In Hanging Glass Delayed
We're just waiting for replacement pins, to make sure they slightly weightier lights don't drop off! ETD 20 October 2019
SEED445/Ch/20 Plug In Dark Champagne Sphere (20cm) Hanging Glass Light
SEED475/20 Plug In Mirrored Sphere (20cm) Hanging Glass Light.



Products withdrawn from 2018 Summer

We are unable to supply the items below. Listed in order of product code. 
There will be a story about both why we chose to include each in our Stellar range, and how it didn't make it to the end...

FAI013  Dinosaurs fairy lights string
LTBX008/G  Mini cinematic lightbox - green
LTBX201/B  Blue Robot Lightbox
LTBX201/O  Orange Robot Lightbox
NOEL211/A  Medium 8cm Clear Opening Globe - Angel
NOEL211/N  Medium 8cm Clear Opening Globe with Nativity
NOEL211/T  Medium 8cm Clear Opening Globe with Tree
NOEL221/N  Small 6cm Clear Globe (opens) with NATIVITY
NOEL221/T  Small 6cm Clear Globe (opens) with TREE - Warm White
NOEL411  Table Top Ribboned Glass Christmas Tree
NOEL416  Lava Lamp Style (39cm) Tree
NOEL417  Single Sequin (23cm) Warm White Tree
SEEA015  Warm White 1.5m Silver Wire BOTTLE Seed Lights
SEED454  Vibrant Mercury Small (12cm) Sphere Hanging Glass Light
SEED460/SRNB  Hanging Glass Rainbow Balloon Light (discontinued)
SEED462/T  Hanging Glass Tinted Star Light. CWW
SEED465/S  Pearl Tint (15cm) Sphere Hanging Glass Light
SLL102   MDF Unicorn Wall Light
SLL103/B  MDF Blue Rocket Wall Light
SLL103/W  MDF 2018 White Rocket Wall Light
SLL105  MDF Hot Air Balloon Wall Light
SLL109  Small Star Lamp
SLL201  Soft Bunny USB Lamp
SNL008  Cloud night light
SNL201/TB  Thunderbolt Neon Style Lamp

Ombre Sparkle Jars
In September 2018 we reduced the Ombre Sparkle Jars from five colour options to three. 
As such, the sets changed from 5 to 3.  This applies to Mini and Regular sized Ombre Sparkle Jars


NOEL010/Shimmer | Shimmer Angel

SURPRISE: One of our three set of beautiful Stellar Noel angels arrived with a different battery pack to the others. She takes 2x AA batteries, instead of CR2032. 
REMEDY: As this is a 'batteries included' product, we added 2x AA batteries in with every angel. 

*All the angels have also received an extra layer of protection and had their wings checked for damage in transit.

LTBX008/ | Mini A5 Cinematic Lightbox
SURPRISE: The Mini Lightbox takes 3x AAA batteries, not AA as the packaging states.
REMEDY: Please advise your customers at POS, and update your listing if selling online. For the (not many) items we remaining, we will add an A to the description on the back.

SEED465 | Medium Hanging Sphere Lights
SURPRISE: AA batteries, not included.
REMEDY: Crossed out 'batteries included' line on the packaging

HOME020 | Cloud Lamp
SURPRISE: Some of these lamps are WHITE, not BLUE.
REMEDY: We're checking each box, and offering both colours now - bonus! If you've already received them and they're a different colour please send us an email or give us a call about crediting/swapping/stocking both etc.