10cm dia Indoor Pillar LED Candle White/Ivory/Red*

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10cm dia Indoor Pillar  LED Candle White/Ivory/Red*
Minimum Purchase:
6 units

Red candles coming in Nov 2023

Cased in 4mm of authentic candle wax to give the look and feel of a real candle without the risk

Battery powered light that uses advanced LED technology to create a realistic flame effect

Integrated timer to automate the same on/off time each day if required

Can be turned on and off manually too

Using good quality or rechargeable batteries will provide over 240hrs of light before changing

Indoor Use only


We are so proud and excited to introduce our first bilingual packaging for Stellar Haus, which will be current throughout the whole LED Candle range (English on one side and Te Reo Māori on the other so that it can be presented either way).