Battery Packs Explained

Which battery packs are better? Let's discuss that... 

Option One: AA Battery Pack

The AA Battery pack measures 75 x 33 x 18mm. They run on 2 standard AA batteries which are not included with the product purchase.

Advantages: They shine slightly brighter than the button cell battery pack (by about 20%) and will last a little longer at approx 35hrs on a cheap set of batteries. Batteries are readily available, very common, can take rechargeable AA batteries and are less likely to be tasted by little people. They're well suited for doorways, table runners, christmas trees, bannisters, kids bedrooms and anywhere else you want to run twinkle lights where power is not available, and there is a hidey nook for the battery pack.

Option Two: Button Cell Battery Pack

Our Button cell battery packs are much smaller, measuring approx 52 x 23 x 7mm. Our small lights run on 2 CR2032 button cell batteries which are included in your product purchase.  

Advantages: Very small battery pack that can easily be disguised or higgen in decor and arrangements, making them the best choice for mason jars, milk bottles, glass domes, vases, bowls and even hair lights (so we've heard). The batteries are included and they last approx 25 hours on one set - a great length of time.  We also sell replacement sets so grab extra at the time of purchase or come back anytime to stock up.

Safety First: Any toy or light item with button cell batteries require supervision around children. If ingested they can cause irreparable damage :(

A visual for you: