Paper Plus

We warmly welcome Paper Plus Stores to our Stellar Haus Online Wholesale Store!  Our sales and merchandising team are welcomed warmly in to your stores, so it's only fair we return the favour, at least virtually for now. 

    Sparkle Jars in Paper Plus South City            stellardisplay.jpg


We've been doing lights for a long time, and yet matching twinkles, gifts and lamps to the flavour of a store and community is still a most satisfying endeavour! 

Paper Plus stores are a feature in most New Zealand cities and towns, and we are truly delighted to be a part of so many, and potentially more. 

We'll be at the Paper Plus conference next week, looking something like this -->    
and would like to show you through our products and special deals for your franchises. 
Ask me (Thomas) about our introductory offer on the new merchandising stands, designed with your stores in mind.
Hand-made in Auckland, from NZ pine, they look great and compliment the colours and packaging style of the Stellar range. 

Hopefully we'll get to know you more at the conference - we're at stand 104, close by to the coffee (I drink a cappa in a tulip). 
If you won't be there, but are interested in a phone call or visit, please get in touch.

Twinkling Regards,


Thomas and the Stellar Team

Office: 03 3778292
Mobile: 027 910 1768 
Email: [email protected]

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