Starburst Seed Lights*

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Starburst Seed Lights*

Starburst Seed Lights

A striking lighting effect, very popular in window displays, above trees and tables, and in the room corners.

The Starburst comes in a compact kraft box, with either the battery case or mains adapter.
To display or use, simply take the unit out of the box, hold the case/adapter firmly, and straighten out each strand.
The quickest way to get it all splayed evenly is to work with one strand at a time, twisting the LEDs one a a time.
Start with the LED closest to the centre and work your way out to the ends. Keep hold of the centre case or adapter the whole time. 


  • Powered by 4x AA Batteries
  • Remote controlled multi-function
  • Copper or silver wire
  • 50 strands, each 20m long with two warm white LED seed lights
  • Diameter is 40cm


  • SAA Adapter with 5m lead - makes window displays easier :)
  • Copper or silver wire
  • 40 strands, each 22.5cm long with three warm white LED seed lights
  • Diameter is 45cm